About eHG

The eHG Group (eHG) analyzes financial trends affected by consumer driven healthcare. eHG, and our partner’s, work together to introduce programs and solutions that are proven to improve patient loyalty and satisfaction, operational team efficiency and effectiveness, improve the bottom line, keep the board satisfied and help keep the operation compliant.

The continued changes in legislation, and short timelines, has created financial burdens on providers, payers and patients. One big challenge is how to fund all the required changes: Where can medical providers find new revenue streams to help them shoulder the heavy financial burden brought about by increased government regulations? PPACA, HCAHPS, VBPA, RAC’s, HIPAA, Meaningful Use, Medical Necessity and a changing Insurance landscape all beg for your attention. At the core of the healthcare business is serving the patient population, balancing all the demands, keeping innovative, finding a competitive advantage and keeping the bottom line healthy.

Why eHG?

“Driving Healthy Outcomes©” is our mantra and eHGs approach is to dig into each vendor offering to validate or invalidate claims on how their solution(s) solve problems (profitably or operationally) for the revenue cycle. The solutions that our team recommends have been fully analyzed and researched before we talk to you. A vigorous process is applied before they get our seal of approval and offer it to you.

Before we set up a demonstration of a solution we gather basic data, do a complementary analysis, and an HFMA Certified CRCR reviews all reports to assess the real impact of a solution and make recommendations  before we consume further time.

Since 2008 eHGs leadership has studied the landscape of heath care and recognize the transitions we are all going through. eHGs initial charter was to address disease management and still continues research into this vital area with a focus on prevention. We are all busy in healthcare responding to ever changing regulation, evolving technology standards and timelines that challenge our availability.

ARRA Outcomes eHG

The future isn’t what it used to be.

An Abbreviated History of Health Care in 2020

When ARRA – American Recovery and Reinvestment Act was presented it outline the future into three basic phases.

  1. The Pay for Information phase (PFI) or know as “The Carrot
  2. The Pay for Performance phase (PFP) or know as “The Stick
  3. The Pay for Outcomes phase (PFO) or “The Wack

The PFI is a paradigm we are operating under that says: “Send Medicare, Medicaid and Insurance entities information and we will pay you more for your cooperation.” This is why the Billions of dollars was given: to stimulate cooperation – a.k.a “The Carrot

The PFP paradigm says that all that PFI stuff we sent in for analysis is going to be used to create standard workflows for us starting in 2015 that we must follow. Failure to follow strict guidelines will result in stiff penalties or a lower reimbursement rate – a.k.a. “The Stick

Finally, the PFO world is slated to arrive around 2020 where reimbursements are going to be tied to outcomes. No one really knows what that will look like but eHG and its team of Outcomes Advisers, Analysts, Architects and Leadership will be vigilant in ensuring you have the right information at the right time for the right people to take effective action.