eHG presented at the August 10th HIMSS Virtual Conference on ICD-10.

The Virtual Event was well attended and all five sessions were well received.

eHGs Founder, Dan Erler, a member of the ICD-10/5010 Playbook committee presented at the: “Understanding the Past to Excel in the Future: Critical Factors for Success” session. The session agenda included:

• ICD-10: Overview
• The benefits of ICD-10
• Challenges and competing initiatives
• Myths and Realities

Many questions were addressed concerning the ICD-10 such as: Why ICD-10?

ICD-10 provides more specific data than ICD-9 (CMS) and:

• Better reflects current medical practice
• Structure accommodates addition of new codes
• The current coding system is running out of capacity and cannot accommodate future state of health care
• Expanded data capture
• Quality measurement
• Reduce coding errors
• Better analysis of disease patterns
• Track and respond to public health outbreaks
• Make claim submission more efficient
• Identify fraud and abuse

Some Key CMS ICD-10 Implementation – Key Outreach Findings included:

• Knowledge of ICD-10 is low in small organizations

• Understanding of V.5010 is extremely low

• Knowledge is noticeably higher among larger provider, payer and vendor organizations

• Many have already begun to plan for the transition

• Small health plans initially took a “wait-and see” approach

• Awareness is building, but they still face challenges

• Budget, resources

• They expect CMS and vendors to inform them about the transition and what to do