At “The eHG Group” (eHG) we recognize, as patients, when it comes to the medical bill, you have not always enjoyed the best clarity when it comes to understanding it and matching it up with the EOB/EOMB. eHG offers healthcare tools and technology to improve clarity and collaboration and an interface so you can go to one place to handle all your medical bills. eHG recognizes that managing multiple payment portals, log-ins, security questions, passwords and handling accounts for you, a spouse, children, aging parents, children in college, children or spouses in the military or parents in a nursing home is a major undertaking – a real pain point. Good News: we are supplying healthcare a solution built from the ground floor with you in mind.

As the healthcare landscape is changing so rapidly, we are all seeing insurance rates skyrocket, as well as co-pays and deductibles, it leaves us all looking for answers.

Medical Cartoon Healthcare patient pay   Don’t Give Me more Problems:

I want Solutions!

We hear all the time of new ideas, new paradigms and new plans… It is no wonder that many well know national publications are really taking a look under the hood of healthcare to see what can be done.

Short Problem List

  • People are wondering why all this technology and all this cost for even basic healthcare (that is not always better)
  • People are tiring of managing multiple portals, and having to remember log-ins to make payments
  • Patients are wondering, in healthcare, where did the personal touch go (feels like a number)
  • People are simply trying to figure out the Medical Bill, what was done, fairly charged for and what and when the final payment is due
  • Patients are people and sometimes it feels that healthcare is losing sight on that

A few solutions for you

  • Number one basic solution is to live a balanced life with your eyes wide open on issues of prevention
  • Clearly communicate to your healthcare provider all the issues so they understand the totality of your circumstance
  • Look for personal management solutions that do not require you to give away your identity
  • Make sure you understand where you sit with regard to your co-pays and deductibles so you can make affordability decisions when investigating or requesting medical procedures
  • Educate yourself on your condition…discover your options…make informed decisions

eHGs solutions are addressing the issues by helping healthcare providers acquire solutions that improve practice efficiency, make it more effective, and deliver both better outcomes and improved collaboration with you. This lowers overall costs and slows the rising costs of health care delivery.