The eHG Group (eHG) recognizes that ICD-10 is coming and your part: 5010, is fast upon us. eHG stands ready to help your projects succeed.

eHGs Founder sits on the ICD-10/5010 playbook and revenue-cycle committees and is a watchdog for the timelines and clarity of helping to ensure you are armed with relevant information at the right time to assure project success.

eHG partners with best-in-class consultants, advisers, and technologies to not only help in project success but to also address the future of October 2014 when the United States of America will be needing your help and guidance to transverse the landmines of ICD-10.

Our RevWare™ approach to working out patient facing accounts receivable (AR) flow is matched on your end with solutions aimed at providing better Doctor-Patient documentation while giving Medical Coders more clarity and work flow that can auto-adjudicate claims. Innovation that produces better Outcomes.

CMS Says….. Source:

HIPAA 5010:

“ On June 30, 2012, standards for electronic health care transactions change from Version 4010/4010A1 to Version 5010. All the extensions are complete and CMS will apply “enforcement discretion.” These electronic health care transactions include functions like claims, eligibility inquiries, and remittance advices.  If providers do not conduct electronic health transactions using Version 5010 as of June 30, 2012, delays in claim reimbursement may result.  If health plans cannot accept Version 5010 transactions from providers, they may experience a large increase in provider customer service inquiries affecting their operations.”

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