“The eHG Group” (eHG) recognizes that many types of providers exist: Hospitals, Private Practices, Home Health, Nursing Homes, Medical Device Companies and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) along with State Health Information Exchanges (HIEs). Each type has different needs but all need to work together to deliver the best possible health care infrastructure that Innovation and good Thought Leaders can create and ultimately support.

Great challenges take great thinking and new paradigms are erupting. That is why eHG created the concept of Revenue Cycle Ware (RevWare™) to put a process together to understand vendors claims of better this or better that.

Many core solutions exist today and the ARRA is creating more awareness that we are on a journey of reinvention. With so many competing initiatives it is hard to ferret out the noise from your best, next action.

eHG also recognizes that you need real solutions to real problems that are thoroughly thought out and researched solutions that will improve outcomes for your revenue cycle.

Let’s work together to improve healthcare in the PPACA era.

Let's engage.