Revenue Cycle

The healthcare revenue cycle is feeling the effects of consumerism and is often left wanting as employers, searching for ways to cut costs, and insurance companies looking for ways to optimize profitability have, in effect, created the perfect storm for patients. Financial pressures are mounting on patients as premiums, co-pays and deductibles are forcing them to bear an ever increasing financial burden for their healthcare costs. Legislation, its timelines, compliance challenges and fines contribute to the pressures. For the provider this is creating greater incidents of cash creep instead of cash flow. eHGs Healthcare Revenue Cycle Analytical Process, we call “hRevWare™”, greatly mitigates the risks associated with a bad selection of a revenue cycle solution that supports healthcare.

Give me Real Solutions – Not another Portal to Maintain

The eHG Group researches tools and technology to improve your Outcomes for your revenue cycle. Portals seems to be everyone’s answer. Healthcare’s addiction to the Portal paradigm is creating “Portal-Mania.” Traditional portals, as revealed by many studies (and a simple survey of patients), have many problems associated with them.


  • Patients feel privacy is being invaded (the increasing number of breaches do not assuage fears)
  • Patients say they are not user friendly
  • They often require a customer service person
  • They are challenging to maintain from an IT perspective
  • It is another Sign-On for staff to get to information
  • They carry a HIPAA and PCI burden
  • The abandonment rate is high

eHG has researched the market and found solutions to put back “flow” in your cash flow while improving workflow and creating an environment with a single sign-on so your team does not have to spend precious time trying to get to meaningful and relevant data. Our innovative hRevWare™ approach helps cross that chasm.