Someone once stated: “Don’t just bring me more problems….bring me solutions.

eHG is doing just that. Alongside our partners we help providers implement cloud-based solutions that make a positive impact on the revenue cycle and help promote healthy bottom lines. eHGs revenue cycle offerings create cash flow, improve operational efficiency, are not IT resource intensive, mitigate risks, and contribute to a healthy bottom line. Our partners have solutions operating in all 50 states. Here is a summary of eHGs offerings:

  • Patientco, a cloud-based Patient Facing AR solution requires no integration or support by IT staff. The solution accelerates patient pay, improves operational efficiency in the revenue cycle, reduces risks and improves collaboration between the patient-practice-hospital. A byproduct of  better clarity is more, and quicker, bill payments. Built from the ground floor, it places every financial instrument for payment in the hands of both the patient and the practice/hospital with a single sign-on and easy HIPAA and PCI compliance, there is a lot we like about it. Giving patients the incentives to pay, the convenience to pay, and the understanding of what to pay is how a patient pay solution should be put together. This solution has passed every aspect of our hRevWare™ analysis and we highly recommend seeing a demo. eHG is a certified Patientco partner. On August 17, 2012 Patientcos press release announced an investment by BlueCross BlueShield Venture Partners and Sandbox Industries into Patientco to speed its growth.

  • Delta Systems, serving healthcare for over twenty years, on September 6, 2012 announced in a press release its formal relationship with eHG. Delta premier solution XPO Plus is an emerging state-of-the-art suite of products, targeted to provide a complete solution for the hospital revenue cycle. The XPO Plus suite includes fully integrated modules for CPOE, Cost Estimate, Medical Necessity, Pre-certification Tracking, Insurance Eligibility and Verification, Dashboard Reporting, Upfront Collections, Credit Score, Address Verification, and many more. Their PaperStore tool, with searchable PDFs, makes it very easy to get to patient information fast (seconds not minutes).  They are quick to respond to the needs of their clients. Our collective goals are to provide the most complete, accurate and efficient solution to ensure compliance in the highly legislated healthcare market.


  • Transworld Systems, an industry leader in providing accounts receivable solutions to healthcare providers, on October 19th 2012 – has signed an agreement to provide these services to The eHG Group’s clients.
  • Here is what we like about Transworld Systems Green Flag Profit Recovery Team:

①  They have been delivering progressive cash-flow solutions to  businesses, medical offices and  organizations of all sizes since 1970

②  They have assisted over 200,000 clients in resolving $6 billion in A-R over the past decade, helping them to eliminate their need for traditional collection agencies and attorneys

③  Their services are based on fixed-fee pricing of around $10 per account, depending on account volume

④  TSI is fully compliant with all regulations affecting  1st & 3rd party collections, and we provide a hold harmless agreement to every client

eHG is pleased to welcome to our family of offerings this important piece of the revenue-cycle…getting you paid!

Reach out to one of our Outcomes Advisors to learn more.

  • eHG also offers ICD-10/5010 consulting to help you meet the deadlines in 2013 and 2014.